‘Tetamoo’ is our version of the Malay word ‘tetamu’ which means guests. For the Malays, ‘tetamu itu rezeki’ which roughly means ‘guests are a blessing’ and this is a truly remarkable example of the honour bestowed upon the guests in their home. At Tetamoo.com (www.tetamoo.com), we are not just building an online marketplace for sharing of unique local experiences, we are also adding extraordinary value by bringing together hosts of homestays who open their home to travellers who are seeking a more meaningful travel experience.

Tetamoo’s vision is to be a leading provider of unique local experiences that is largely powered through the crowd-sourced business model. Travel is all about connecting with the world around you and Tetamoo aspires to add value to a traveler’s experience.

Take a chance on homestay experiences that will make lasting impressions long after you leave. Visit us now at www.tetamoo.com.