Professional Writing and Editing Services

Preparing a good write-up for your company website, personal blog or even your company’s press release can be a challenging and time-consuming process. It is even more daunting when your company or organisation has a tight budget that does not allow you to hire a full-time writer or PR executive.

The ability to convey your message to your clients or customers, stakeholders and your staff is important. Creating content that resonates with your target audience is crucial to your success. And now, with a diversity of communication channels such as websites, social media platform and mobile platform, choosing the right content for the right audience requires a focused and well-researched effort.

Sound daunting? No worries.

With our professional writing and editing services, you can now keep calm and do what you do best, which is to grow your company. It does not matter if you are a one-man (or woman) show, a startup with a small and global team, a large corporation with hundreds of employees, an non-governmental organisation, a non-profit organisation, international research agencies or a fledgling writer with a dream to publish his or her first novel, you can always count on us to help you with your writing and editing needs.

We take on the smallest of jobs such as preparing a press release, refining resumes and a blog post on a wide variety of topics, to full-fledged company’s business plan, corporate profile and website content development. We also entertain requests for assistance with full manuscript ghost-writing, online marketing content, academic editing (thesis, term paper, etc.) and other services.

Our rates are among the most competitive in the market. We do not have a fixed fee structure because we believe in accommodating our clients’ requests and circumstances. We take a look at each request or inquiry, offer an assessment of the actual work scope and a proposed rate. We are open to discussion and there is always the opportunity to negotiate on the rate that everyone would be happy with.

We help you with:
o Business documentation e.g. business plan, corporate profile, press release, sales copy, grant writing, white paper, etc.
o Creative content e.g. website content writing, social media content creation, blog content writing, etc.
o Marketing materials e.g. brochure, flyers, banner, email marketing, infographics, etc.

When you are ready to reach out to us with your writing or editing requirement, just email for more information. We are here to ensure that you do what you are best at while we take care of what we are great at, creating creative and effective content for your business.