Hanim Shukor

A creative, analytical and highly dynamic content marketer, travel writer and entrepreneur with an excellent record of accomplishment in helping businesses improve their performance and return of investments through strategic marketing and communication approaches. A hands-on and driven individual who easily adapted to different circumstances as needed to meet the expected objectives. Consistently display her attention for details and exceeding expectations throughout her career in marketing and communication. A proven ability to take the leadership position throughout the years and an unyielding sense of curiosity that drives her life-learning journey. Possesses experience in multi-disciplines which include • Marketing & Communication • Business Development • Sales and Marketing • Content Marketing • Entrepreneurship

Hanim Shukor’s professional career began in the publishing industry after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (Hons) from University of Malaya. After honing her skill as a writer with a few publishing companies and non-profit organizations, Hanim decided to shift her attention on expanding her experience into the challenging sphere of marketing and communication.

Hanim’s continuous effort to improve her marketing skill also increased her appreciation for the importance of using content effectively in her work. Her interest in content creation and content marketing grew over the years. She fully utilized her in-depth knowledge and understanding in this area during her stints at various organizations. Her role in multi-discipline positions enable her to gain more exposure in other aspects of a managing a corporation such as business development, general management and entrepreneurship.

Hanim’s entry into the tourism and hospitality industry began with her employment at a wetlands park designated as a natural heritage. She was part of the pioneering team who undertook the task of turning rehabilitated wetlands into a fully functioning and sustainable premier tourism attraction south of Kuala Lumpur. The challenging working environment encouraged her to expand her education and exposure to the tourism industry. Her position as a marketing executive expanded to include producing creative content for the education department, website content development and sales.

During her time at Paya Indah Wetlands, Hanim was given the unexpected opportunity of running the daily operations of a 30-villa resort in the park after its opening. The highly rewarding experience she gained as the Resort Manager further fuelled her interest in becoming a leading player in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Hanim quickly caught on the excitement and opportunities the Internet brought to the travel industry. Eager to immerse herself in the innovation and new technology, Hanim accepted a position at a leading hotel reservation service provider, HolidayCity.com. Throughout her years at the tech company, she found herself embracing the online marketing landscape that was exciting and challenging at the same time. The very nature of being online also helped her gained international exposure and wider network of contacts in the industry. Hanim’s affinity to easily adapt to unfamiliar situation saw her combining her passion for content creation with her newfound admiration for the power of the Internet. Hanim’s last attachment was with a reputable online travel agency where she oversaw the product development and online marketing campaign for the Australian market.

Hanim remains committed to focus her entrepreneurial effort on the two areas that are closed to her heart, content creation and content marketing, and travel and hospitality industry. She was determined to find a way to combine these two interests and succeeded in doing so when she became full time independent content creator serving the needs of the tourism and hospitality industry in Malaysia.

Hanim’s goal is to help small businesses gain new market share through an effective implementation of content marketing. She has been fortunate in being given the opportunity to work on several exciting assignments in website development, content creation and social media marketing.

In early 2014, Hanim’s entry into the tourism and hospitality industry saw the incorporation of her first startup. Founded in January 2014, DLoop Empeiria Sdn Bhd is an exceptional creative content creation consultancy which offers a diversity of services ranging from content marketing, training and product development mainly in the tourism and hospitality industry.

DLoop Empeiria Sdn Bhd owns and manages a web portal under the brand name ‘Tetamoo’ (www.tetamoo.com) that offers an online booking platform or marketplace for sharing of unique local experiences and homestay across Asia. The portal had its soft launch in March 2014 and provides a designated online platform for their consumers to design, develop and share unique local experiences and homestay with travellers from all over the world. Hanim looks forward to the launch of exciting development that is in the pipeline, which includes an intelligent decision support system and mobile application for tourism vendors.

Hanim blogs extensively and regularly on travel-related issue from reviews to travel experiences. She blogs at www.tetamoojournal.com which also serves as travel information source for Tetamoo.com (www.tetamoo.com). She is keen to promote Malaysia’s tourism attractions especially those that are community-based with focus on culture and heritage.

Hanim was also a co-founder at Game Design House Sdn Bhd, a game publishing company that aims to contribute to a more vibrant and prolific local game design and development through empowering creativity and the availability of a platform that will drive the level of productivity to a higher level. She continues to seek more opportunities to widen her horizon and has recently assumed the role of Writer/Consultant with Dreamcatcher Magazine and Regional Coordinator - Asia for the Community Homestay Network based in Melbourne, Australia.