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DLoop Empeiria offers a multitude of services from an online marketplace to training and talent-building.


Tetamoo is an online marketplace that will change the way travellers and travel service providers communicate, collaborate and operate. Travellers use Tetamoo to find travel experiences that is unique, that is local, that they can brag about. Our travellers take back more than amazing pictures.

DLoop DIgital

DLoop Digital is dedicated to help our customers stand out from the rest through innovative content marketing.There is no bad content. Just content that does not work for your customers. We focus on social media marketing, content marketing, and training.


Our journal is where stories of our travel and adventure come alive. Sometimes we sweat, bled and cried but we never stop experiencing life and travel. Come with us as we continue to discover secrets and mystery, the common and the ordinary and cheer us on to bring more real life tales.

About DLoop Empeiria

We get personal about travel.
Passion for travel translates into solutions for the industry.

DLoop Empeiria meets and strives to exceed the demand of the everchanging landscape of the tourism and hospitality industry. We believe that everyone from the small-time tour and activities operators to the man selling fruits by the roadside can make a living from the industry. And that technology is the main catalyst in making change. We go directly to those who are affected by the current challenges in the industry and work side-by-side to come up with workable solutions. We are also building a community through our online markeplace, DLoop Empeiria will change the way people in the travel industry communicate, cooperate and collaborate. This is the future of travel and we are taking the lead.

  • Ecommerce

    We help tour and travel providers fall in love with ecommerce!

  • Content Marketing

    We are really good at telling stories and we can help you tell yours.

  • Training

    We help meet the demand and supply of skilled workers in the industry.

  • create & build

    We identify unique local offerings and build them into world-class tourism products.


We are a small team with a large network of partners that are committed to work together.
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Hanim Shukor

CEO & Founder
Hanim has made her passion for travel both a professional and personal endevaour. Her travel bug started at an early age and has continued with her exploring all that is familiar and unfamiliar in her home country of Malaysia and much of Asia.
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Nawawi Husin

Co-Founder & COO
After spending much of his working years in the banking industry, Nawawi finds himself on the brink of an exciting career in the tourism industry. He looks forward to utilize his finance background to propel Tetamoo’s global expansion.
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Ahmad Hafiz Kamal

Marketing Director
Hafiz is a man with a big of PR tricks. With his gregarious and friendly personality, he is Tetamoo’s spokesperson and all-around PR guy. Hafiz’s background in business development would give Tetamoo’s growth that bit of that extra bite.
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John Chan Weng Fatt

Esteemed Advisor
John is a dynamic, innovative and highly energetic business and training consultant with a proven ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities. He also has more than 35 years experience in the travel industry. We have a gem in John!

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